Level 1-2-1 Lesson Group lesson
(2-4students,1.5–2hour session)
Group lesson
(4-6students,1.5–2hour session)
Primary £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour
KS3 £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour
GCSE £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour
A Level £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour
Degree £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour
Adult Learner (all levers) £20 per hour £15 per hour £10 per hour

Notes: For 1-2-1 lesson, if the tutor travels to the student’s place, there will be an extra charge of £5 – £10 for the travel cost.


Session structure

The tutor teaches listening, speaking, reading at the session and also leaves home work for writing and typing once the student has learned Pinyin. After certain learning hours the learners can have these 5 skills in Chinese: listening, speaking, reading,writing and typing.

The skills you will get

Typing: is easiest to get. When you learn Pinyin (which is letter based) you will be able to type in flowing Mandarin. In the beginning of the lesson the tutor will help you so it will not be as difficult.

Listening and speaking: you practice them with tutor in all of the lessons so when you learn some words and sentence structures you can start speaking and can understand what the tutor speaks with limited words. Normally in the first 4-6 hours! Reading: the students do a lot of practice in each lesson and also you will get tutor’s recordings for the texts in the text book to help you read them. It takes a bit long to read lots of Chinese characters without Pinyin but in the end you will get there because the tutor always analyses the characters which will make you understand better.

Writing: this is the most challenging skill. The tutor doesn’t expect the students to be able to write all of the characters which are taught during the lessons but actually it is very enjoyable: some of students enjoy writing and are doing very well. They are very good students and actually spend a lot of time doing written work for the homework.

Frequency / duration of sessions:

For an adult learner the session could last from 1 to 2 hours. According to the learner’s situation it is suggested that having at least one session every week; the duration depends on your learning ability. However there are actually some 1-2-1 students taking two hour sessions.

How fast the students progress:

The tutor uses a specific text book for beginners. The learners should spend in total 48 hours learning 500 Chinese characters – afterwards he/she can move to the intermediate level (800 characters in total) so they can read Chinese newspapers. This is the level that learners stay on average. The progress learners can make depends hugely on the homework they completed. The tutor often adjusts teaching methods and contents to match the learner’s ability. In fact, some of students are making progress much faster than average.


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